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About us

Plan Alpha Systems is a company set up to provide specifically the UK public sector with all the resources that they require to build and run the highest quality, cost effective websites customer relationship management and other supporting systems using open source software.

Our philosophy is to understand what the strategic aims of any particular customer are. A website will prosper if it is constructed from the perspective of delivering the business requirements of the organisation.

We apply both proven and emerging technologies when they give advantage. We have close relationships with two of the world’s most innovative and well established cloud provisioners for open source software. Whenever we can we leverage their expertise for the benefit of our clients.

Our mission:

  • to provide, through our partnerships low cost, high quality, cloud technology hosting solutions
  • to encourage the adoption of leading edge, lower cost business and web based systems provide the necessary expertise to build leading internet and intranet websites
  • increase positive experience by creating relevant personalised content
  • taxonomy advice e.g. A-Z, top tasks
  • effective web graphical design
  • create ‘channel shift’ and reduce avoidable contact
  • to take full advantage, where relevant, links to social media
  • document management systems (DMS)
  • customer relationship management Systems (CRM)
  • create cost savings by relevant integration/transactions with other systems – either within or outside the organisation
  • keep our customers at the leading edge of doing business with its customers via emerging ‘smart devices’ (phones tablets etc)
  • to transfer our expertise to allow our customers to become as self sufficient as possible

Almost all business are dependent on IT. The means to employ IT effectively has now reached a level of proven maturity that means traditional ways of thinking about information technology have to be challenged. The costs of deploying IT are now a fraction of what they were. The industry itself is changing rapidly, and public sector organisations are now in a position to realign themselves to take full advantage of what technology can offer to support and transform their businesses.