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Imagine a world where your Content Management System (CMS), your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and your e-forms all worked together.  Imagine they are in one system.

Plan Alpha can do all this for you
 using open source zero licence fee software.

We've changed the game for councils and their customers forever.

We have the skills to make your website your biggest asset by integrating systems and increasing self-service applications to transform your public service delivery.

The Plan Alpha e-forms system is, like the CRM, embedded in the system itself.

‘Writing’ new e-forms does not require programming expertise, and you will be able to build your own in line with exactly the requirement you have identified, and it all fits in to the CRM and CMS too.

Plan Alpha also has a complete solution for multi-lingual e-forms.

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Plan Alpha knowledge and experience of systems integration inspired us to create a unified CRM, CMS and e-forms environment. This is a massive step forward in on-line customer service transformation.

Local authorities use many disparate IT systems that have grown up together over the years but systems need to communicate and integrate. We will use our expertise to make the systems we provide work seamlessly with existing IT.

Any IT system can be extended by the addition of code. This is expensive and highly skilled. However Drupal can be extended by configuration alone, and this configuration can be undertaken by non-programmers – a massive benefit of adopting Drupal. Plan Alpha’s philosophy is wherever possible, to carry out skills transfer. We are not targeted in any way on additional consulting engagements. The Drupal development effort has been carried out by thousands of programmers throughout the world, and their work is free for anyone to use.

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Responsive design is beginning to shift as the majority of digital interactions with government now come from mobile phones. ‘Mobile first’ is emerging as a design preference.

Our websites are designed to produce responsive output at the user interface, be it a PC, tablet or phone. This ensures the most satisfactory customer experience given the limits imposed by the screen dimensions and resolutions of the device that is being used.

Plan Alpha’s knowledge and experience of systems integration inspired us to create a unified CRM, CMS and e-forms environment. This is a massive step forward in on-line customer service transformation.

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Some UK authorities are required by law to ensure that the native-language speakers in their country are ensured of a service that is every bit as complete as the site visitor that uses English. Plan Alpha has a complete solution for multi-lingual CRM, CMS and e-forms.

Drupal is a fully multilingual system. Whether Welsh or English, all of the language content in all of the system, including content, prompts, buttons and graphics are available in either Welsh or English. No language is favoured over any other, and it is understood that in the event of further developments involving third parties, the requirement will be that its content will be available in Welsh and English. Not only is Welsh available, without compromise for any user of the system (CRM, CMS, e-forms, or any other built functionality), but the back-end of the system can be in English or Welsh. Drupal is the result of an enormous international, and naturally, multilingual undertaking.

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Plan Alpha has relationships with more than one leading provider of hosting. Through these relationships we can ensure that our customers have a secure, robust and available environment, and that the data is situated within the European Economic Area. 

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Plan Alpha method - a journey to customer self-service 

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what our customers have to say ...

We had a unique set of challenges that needed to be addressed. Plan Alpha delivered the site we needed, and since it went live in 2013 have given us reassuring and expert support. They have recently revamped the website to a responsive ‘phone-friendly’ experience for our users.

In 2008, East Cambridgeshire was the first UK local authority to adopt the Drupal open source platform. Over the years we have saved tens of thousands of pounds by not paying software licence fees for our CMS, which runs our corporate website, our intranet and local tourism sites. Plan Alpha also provide and support our Cloud hosting.

By working together with our neighbouring council Surrey Heath we were able to use many of the inputs and expertise that they had developed in their relationship with Plan Alpha. As a result, we were able build a new website very quickly and at a cost far lower than any competing proprietary content management system.

The Epsom Playhouse is a superb venue in the heart of the town that hosts both professional and local amateur productions. Plan Alpha rebuilt our website and provided seamless integration to our ticketing and virtual tour software. 

The Isles of Scilly is a beautiful and unique place, and the council is involved in many aspects of people’s lives, more so than a conventional small authority. Plan Alpha worked with us to build a one-off site that was tailored especially to our island, and in under 3 months from kick off to live.

Surrey Heath’s proprietary content management system was in need of replacement. Following a thorough and professional procurement exercise involving expert input from both IT and Communications, Plan Alpha was selected for its Best Value bid and technical, and design expertise. In addition, the open source platform can be extended to include CRM functionality. 

Tendring were an early adopter of the Drupal open source platform. Open source is recommended by the UK central government as primarily it avoids proprietary lock in. The Drupal platform provided by Plan Alpha was the best value option. We have had Drupal for 6 years now and we will never need to pay any licence fees.

Design, design, design was the driving force behind Camberley Theatre. Plan Alpha’s design as well as technical expertise means that not only do we have a theatre shop-window, but our customers use the website to book performances on-line.