LocalGov Drupal
There is no better thumbs up for Drupal than the fact that more than 30 councils are using LocalGov Drupal. This thriving community has embraced the open source ethos to create the means for councils to make outstanding websites at hugely lower costs by using the most powerful open source CMS there is.

LocalGov Drupal

Plan Alpha, expertise, ethos, and experience to deliver LocalGov Drupal

Plan Alpha Systems launched the first UK local authority website in 2008. The benefits back then were no different from now, they’ve just got better and better Drupal is extraordinarily powerful, it can do so much more than ‘just a CMS’, and it’s free. It’s community has built an astonishing system using the smarts of thousands of developers world-wide. If you know about Drupal why we would you ever use anything else?

It’s easy to use, easy to change, it has more functionality than any other CMS. Drupal has enterprise scalability, and security which is constantly being tested and enhanced by its hundreds of thousands of participants. It is primed for mobile platforms and ’out of the box’ Local Government Drupal is AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant.

We are now able to offer a free unlimited development version of LocalGov Drupal in conjunction with our hosting partners Pantheon.

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