what we do
Plan Alpha is a leading innovator in the open source platform Drupal.  We can deliver a fully integral content management system (CMS) and customer relationship management system (CRM) which will revolutionise your customer service ... and save you money!

what we do

Our expertise and skills, plus your vision and strategy, will deliver real self-service

Creating systems using Drupal is a unique way of approaching the task of building software. Drupal has over thirty-thousand modules that contain pre-built functionality that can be added to any Drupal system. Building a website using Drupal is far quicker than traditional website building environments - which additionally require the input of skilled programmers. 

Drupal’s success is in no small part due to its being both intuitive and user-friendly. The easier and more intuitive the system for all users, the better it will be appreciated, adopted and subsequently drive customer self-service for your organisation. This system is genuinely transformational and by choosing Plan Alpha you can uniquely benefit from:

  • A combined CRM/CMS/e-forms system
  • Zero licence fees
  • A genuine open source customer engagement system
  • Functionally-rich software
  • Easy modifications (no programming)
  • Lack of business continuity risk associated with proprietary providers
  • Massive installed base
  • Thousands of Drupal experts, locally and global
  • Access to the source code in perpetuity
  • Future-proofed roadmap

Plan Alpha Systems has a powerful network of associates with direct employment and consulting experience in the UK local government sector. Our approach to the management of the project will be based on our own structured methodology: the ‘Plan Alpha Build Method’, which we have developed using our knowledge and expertise in business IT, business strategy, business analysis (particularly customer services) and web information architecture. 

The Plan Alpha Open Source Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is made to do to what councils need. Why not contact us to discuss your requirements?